ALERT! Trey Gowdy’s Under Liberal Attack – He Needs Our Support Now!

Trey Gowdy is one of the few conservatives in Congress with any fight in him. He’s constantly taking it to leftists when they try to come before his committees and lie to his face.

What Gowdy’s best known for is his leadership on the House Benghazi Committee that investigated Obama and Hillary’s failures and lies in the aftermath of the infamous terrorist attack.

Needless to say, the Left wasn’t very happy with Gowdy’s investigation, and did everything possible to undermine it.

Now that it’s over, angry liberals are still attacking him in the media, but one person is taking a different approach by filing a lawsuit against the committee and the fiery conservative.

As reported at the Conservative Patriot, a former investigator for the House Benghazi Committee filed a federal lawsuit against the committee Monday.

Brad Podliska, an Air Force Reserve major, alleged the Benghazi committee terminated him based on his military obligations and his refusal to advance an agenda targeting Hillary Clinton.

Podliska has detailed his allegations in court in a new filing that alleges Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy broke the law by defaming him in their public battle over his firing.

When Podliska was fired, Gowdy said it was partly for mishandling classified information, a claim that Podliska fiercely denies.

The suit cites Gowdy’s claim from a press release and an interview with NBC News, and is arguing that the kinds of allegations Gowdy made have “ended the careers of many professionals in national security-related industries.”

Podliska says Gowdy’s charge that a “serious crime” occurred is totally false, because the information that Podliska handled was open source, taken solely from the internet. Meaning there couldn’t have been any mishandling.

Podliska also claims that the committee staffer who made the allegation against him later admitted the material “was not classified.” Despite the lawsuit, the committee has not withdrawn the allegation of wrongdoing.

In a statement to MSNBC, Jamal Ware, a spokesman for the committee, called Podliska’s complaint “meritless,” adding: “[T]he committee did not and does not discriminate or retaliate based on military service, military status or any other unlawful factor.”

What makes this situation rather interesting is the fact that Podliska is a registered Republican and still plans to vote for GOP candidates despite this experience.

He also isn’t asking for any money, only that Gowdy be disallowed from repeating his statements about the firing and establishing what he said about Podliska was false.

It’s difficult to know what’s true in this case, but it’s hard to believe that Gowdy would ever discriminate against military personnel, a point he emphasized in response to the allegations.

We’ll just have to wait and see what evidence is produced by each side to support their claims and allow for the case to be properly adjudicated before taking sides.

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