BREAKING: Obama’s Favorite Group Officially Labeled “Terrorist” Organization

Obama is known for supporting far-Left groups. He loves getting his loyal army of violent fanatics to do his dirty work for him. For too long, Obama’s zealots have had free reign to cause havoc across the country.

But people have had enough, and governments are taking action. In a surprise move, the state of New Jersey has officially designated ANTIFA as a terrorist organization. These cowardly ANTIFA thugs are going down!

ANTIFA has been running amok around the country. Wherever conservatives gather, they make sure to be there to use violent intimidation to achieve their radical political agenda.

The New Jersey Department of Homeland Security has rightly listed ANTIFA as being guilty of “domestic terrorism.” ANTIFA has three chapters in the state and poses a major risk to the safety of New Jersians.

The NJ Homeland Security website describes ANTIFA as a subset of the anarchist movement that opposes law enforcement. ANTIFA recognizes no authority other than its own. Their goal is chaos.

This is a major step toward shutting down a dangerous domestic terror group. With ANTIFA officially listed as a terrorist organization, authorities will have greater power in going after them–and protecting Americans.

ANTIFA arose in response to the growing nationwide support for conservative causes, manifest in the election of Donald Trump and the huge Republican majorities across the nation.

Leftists react like wild animals. When cornered, the only thing they can do is attack. Now that the Left has realized they’re on the losing side, their only recourse for advancing their agenda is with violent intimidation.

ANTIFA’s atrocious record says it all. They caused mayhem at Trump’s inauguration, vandalizing property and even setting cars on fire! The cost of the damages totaled millions of dollars! And all for what? President Trump was elected through our established constitutional process. And despite their whining, he’s still President!

Then there are ANTIFA’s ridiculous antics on college campuses. Back in February, a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of California Berkeley was canceled due to the threat posed by ANTIFA. The domestic terrorists patrolled the area attacking innocent bystanders all while covering their faces with masks. What a bunch of cowards!

Later, Berkeley was the site of a massive confrontation between Trump supporters and ANTIFA, ending with the Leftist thugs having their behinds handed to them.

ANTIFA’s days are coming to an end. Regular Americans have had enough of Obama’s thug army. That’s why a liberal state like New Jersey is cracking down on them. These criminals will soon be behind bars. And if there’s real justice, their overlord Obama will join them!

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