BREAKING: Veteran Facing PRISON for Flying 6-Inch U.S. Flag – Please Show Support!

With Trump in the White House, this veteran SHOULD be breathing a sigh of relief but instead faces prison thanks to Obama — as if we needed more to remember him by.

A 74-year-old veteran faces jail time because he put two small, 4×6 inch American flags on a fence at the Veterans Administration facility in Los Angeles. Yep, fellow patriots, flags at the VA are apparently a big “no-no.”

Veteran Robert Rosebrock posted the flags along an outside fence known as the “Great Lawn Gate” of the VA facility in West Los Angeles, which also surrounds the Veterans Home of West Los Angeles, WND reports. Rosebrock served in the United States Army during the 1960s and was stationed at the Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.

The charges against Rosebrock appear to have been launched as a malicious prosecution by Obama’s henchmen. Since 2008, a group of veterans have gathered at the Los Angeles VA gate weekly and on Memorial Day to protest how the administration treats our heroes.

Rosebrock and his fellow veterans are upset the VA facility continues to fail to make use of the entire property to benefit former military members in need — particularly homeless vets left vulnerable on the streets. Not only did Obama’s federal agency charge the army veteran for putting flags on the fence, but they also charged him for merely taking photos of the fence too!

During the 1880s, the United States government was given the property so it could be used to aide disabled veterans. Sure, it still has a veterans’ home, but it is also home to a UCLA sports stadium, soccer fields, a 20th Century Fox Television storage warehouse, and a laundry facility.

Initially, Rosebrock was told by the VA that American flags could be posted on the fence, but the officials later claimed they were wrong in how they interpreted the “applicable regulation,” and the veterans could not honor their own by sliding little flags onto the barrier.

Rosebrock put the flags up on Memorial Day in 2016, and the federal government has been trying to punish him for it ever since. The case is slated to go to trial in federal court in March.

If convicted of the so-called crime, Robert Rosebrock could spend up to six months in jail. This man deserves a heartfelt thank you for his service, not threats of imprisonment!

This is a massive waste of taxpayer dollars. Even a man like Barack Obama should have realized charging the elderly veteran with some type of public property vandalism infraction for putting up two little flags to honor his peers was a disgusting and shameful act!

Rosebrock had been cited multiple times for the supposed infraction. Each time the charges were dropped until now. Imagine… a veteran could actually go to jail for displaying an American flag. If he is convicted, I hope we are looking at President Trump’s first official pardon.

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