Governor Mike Huckabee Just Shot CNN In The Heart! Look What He Did To Them


CNN has now reported today that they have declined to publicly identify the Reddit user who created the Trump CNN wrestling video. Look what Mike Huckabee says below.

CNN’s reporter Andrew then went on to say the following on twitter: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.” 

That’s total extortion. Here is what CNN said if you didn’t read it yet.

The wrestling video was tweeted out by Donald Trump and was shared over a million times online. Here is what Governor Mike Huckabee had to say about it. He REALLY nails it on the head. 

All of this over the wrestling video that Donald Trump tweeted out. It has now been shared millions of times. CNN declared it racist of course.

CNN threatened a private citizen over a joke video. GET THIS OUT THERE.

US Representative Scott also accused CNN of blackmail and coercion. Wow. Check this out. Republican Scott Taylor is also a former Navy SEAL.

What is wrong with CNN? This is coercion.

Get this out there, patriots. The media doesn’t have the ability under the first amendment to TRAMPLE the rights of other Americans. Share this if you agree. Amen.

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