NEWSHE SIGNED IT!!! Trump Just Made Liberals’ Worst Nightmare Come True With Surprise Executive Order

President Donald Trump signed a law on Tuesday that could send a manned mission to Mars by 2020.

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Daily Mail reported that the law Trump signed stated that manned missions to space will be NASA’s goal over the next few decades. In the bill, which was adopted by a rare unanimous vote in the Senate and House of Representatives, NASA stated that it will aim for “a crewed mission to Mars in the 2030s.”

In addition, the law stresses the importance of the deep space capsule Orion, which is currently in development. If all goes according to plan, this capsule will carry humans further into space than any spaceship ever has.

The text of the law said NASA “shall continue the development of the fully integrated Space Launch System, including an upper stage needed to go beyond low-Earth orbit, in order to safely enable human space exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond over the course of the next century.”

Trump expressed support for the law, saying it will reaffirm “our national commitment to the core mission of NASA.” He then saluted astronauts for the “heroic role” they have played over the last few decades and called for continued partnerships between NASA and the private sector in the realm of space exploration.

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