One Month After Vile Anti-Trump Rant , Meryl Streep Gets CAREER ENDING NEWS!

During the Golden Globe Awards back in January, Hollywood A-lister Meryl Streep gave a pompous speech villifying President Donald Trump while feigning compassion for the disabled in a room full of Hollywood elites. Perhaps in her echo chamber, Streep felt no threat of repercussions from this politically charged anti-Trump speech.

However, Streep may be proven wrong.

Radar Online reported that a Hollywood movie about Hillary Clinton’s life is in the works, and the starring role of the failed Democratic presidential candidate came down to Streep or her fellow Hollywood star Glenn Close. Given the fact that she has more Academy Award nominations than anyone in history, Streep assumed she would be given the role. However, when producers saw her Golden Globe speech, they immediately gave the part to Close because they felt Streep had gotten “too political.”

“Glenn and Meryl [Streep]‘s names were both mentioned a lot but after Meryl got so political at the Golden Globes, producers thought it might be better to go with Close,” a Hollywood source said.


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