WATCH: Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Massive Fraud In “Obama-Phone” Program

Obama has created the most corrupt form of welfare ever envisioned.

Tucker Carlson revealed that the Obama-phone program is the most corrupt form of welfare in America. “Investigators say that getting bogus applications approved is ludicrously easy, and as many as 36 percent of all beneficiaries from the program should have been rejected,” the Fox News host explained, via Dennis Michael Lynch.

A new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has revealed the startling level of fraud in the Obama-phone program.

The Obama-phone program is officially known as Lifeline. It was originally created in 1985, and was designed to help low-income Americans afford a home phone.

Watch the video below:

However, the program was greatly expanded under Obama. It was extended to cover cell phone service, and even offered free phones to those who qualify.

Before leaving office, Obama extended the program once again to cover broadband internet service. Now, taxpayers are forced to give phones, phone service, and internet service to low income Americans.

Yet, according to the recent report by the GAO, over one-third of the recipients of the Obama-phone are not eligible. Thus, taxpayers are covering the phone habits of fraudsters.

One of the major problems identified by the GAO is that the FCC tasked telecommunications companies with determining the eligibility of applicants. These companies have an incentive to approve as many people as possible. Essentially, the Obama-phone program was a massive corporate welfare system disguised as charity.

Applicants only needed to show that they received social assistance from another government program to prove eligibility. Anyone receiving food stamps or disability would be approved for an Obama-phone. Up to two-thirds of applicants were approved based on Supplemental Security Income, and are not even low-income earners.

The phone companies are happy to play along, and they send teams to low income neighborhoods to promote the Obama-phone program — all in an attempt to bolster sales — on the taxpayers’ dime.

The rampant fraud proves the inefficacy of Democrat solutions. These programs were not well thought out, and ultimately backfired on those it was designed to help.

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